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Here are just some of the many things you’ll look forward to discovering as you dive into the trainings:

  • Watch as Chris does live demonstrations on a woman, so that everything you’ll learn, you know EXACTLY how it is supposed to look and feel when you use it on your female friend
  • How to master the art of sparking a Sexual Vibe and using “sexual subs communication” to tap into the sexual tension that already exists between you and the women in your life.
  • See demonstrations of “micro-escalation” which are a series of “smaller moves” that build the sexual tension and slowly get her feeling more attracted to you
  • You’ll learn non-verbal techniques that turn her on, but she can’t object to them (or reject us), and watch as Chris does step-by-step demonstrations of how to pull them off.
  • You’ll learn exactly how to get her back to your bedroom, while maintaining the sexual tension and not having her change her mind or use the ‘friend excuse’ for slowing things down..
  • The “Friend Bomb” audio program gives you the exact strategy for sleeping with a female friend, from start to finish, you’ll follow to get her into bed and make her your girlfriend.

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These Exclusive Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Hipnose Sexual Aplicada

A lot of guys have limiting, disempowering beliefs about women and sex, and these mindsets are at the core of why you keep winding up in the friend zone with women.

So in this bonus training we’ll instill you with the 7” sexual mindsets” that will make all of this become natural for you, to the point where you no longer have to think about it, and you radiate a confident “sexual vibe”.


Bonus #2: Deflect Her Tests Video Training

How to handle the tests that will inevitably come up in a way that leaves her more attracted to you.

In this special program you’ll learn exactly how to handle all the common tests that will come up when you make a move on a female friend, in a way that leaves her MORE ATTRACTED to you. To the point where you’ll actually be looking forward to them because you know it will just lead you closer to sleeping with her.


Bonus #3: Visual Step-by-Step Cheat Sheet & Seduction Checklist

You’ll get the “automatic seduction” visual cheat sheet. This is a cheat sheet, where I map out from start to finish, how to go from friendly to seductive, to closing the deal.

And on the cheat sheet, you’ll get trouble shooting tips for every step of the interaction. And then you’ll get a special “seduction checklist” to make sure you’re putting everything into use any time you spend time with a female friend, co-worker, or woman you’re interested in.


Bonus #4: 11 Sneaky Sexual “Conversation Topics”

In this video you’ll learn that there are certain conversation topics that while innocent, elicit sexual thoughts in a girl’s mind. If you simply bring these topics into a conversation it causes a knee-jerk reaction where her mind gravitates towards sex.

In this special video you’ll learn all 11 topics, and step-by-step instructions for how to innocently bring them into a conversation, and then how to use these conversation topics to plant sexual thoughts in her mind.


Bonus #5: The Mistake Eraser: How to Make Her Forget She Ever Rejected You

In this video bonus program you’ll learn the specific steps you need to take when you’re trying to seduce a female friend you’ve already made mistakes with.

If you’ve already messed up, got rejected or think its “too late” to make her want to have sex with you, then you absolutely must watch this video where we explain a specific technique that will erase your mistakes from her mind.


100% Money Back Guarantee

Try the Friend She Wants to F*ck Master Package, including all of the extremely valuable bonuses, and take a full 60 days to decide if it’s right for you.

If you decide you DON’T want to get your female friends into bed…or if you’re just too busy to apply these easy lessons…you can contact my friendly Customer Support team for a full refund.

In the event that you request a refund, your payment will be returned to you, No Questions Asked.

The price will go up once the special offer expires, so hurry, and sign up now.

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I feel the confidence surging through me already. You’ve heard the expression “So simple it’s genius!” …that’s exactly what you’ve done here. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have a feeling you just changed my life!”

– Keith L. (Virginia)


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– Nick V. (New York)


After the speed dating event, I was able to go back and maintain that strong eye contact and flirting. She told me my eyes melted her, that they were gorgeous, and that she was all flustered and turned on. So we went out to the back, outside the bar and started making out for about an hour. She later told me the hand hold upon introduction was also really sexy. By the way, we were both entirely sober. This system works!

– Terry


I have gone out three times since learning your method and two of those nights I brought home a beautiful woman. This system is all you need to start hooking up like a rockstar.

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I’ve shown this to naturals who have been getting girls forever, and this is the ONLY product that normal successful guys say, Wow, this guy knows his stuff! Within weeks of studying the material, two of my quickest-ever lays have come from applying what Chris says to do. I give this product my highest possible recommendation no matter what level you are at with women.

– – John


Hey Chris you’re the man! Met a new girl a few days ago and just got back from spending the night at her place. I’ve adopted your system very nicely. And btw, I’m also meeting up with another girl I met later tonight. I can see how this can get out of hand fast!

– Art


The girl I hooked up with was a model, very cliche, I know, but still. I followed your advice and opened her and basically just got up in her face and brought the sexual tension to ridiculous levels. She wasn’t drinking but got shy even though I could tell she was a very confident girl. I swear I only must of said about 6 words in the whole interaction but it was definitely on. She offered to drive me home and the rest as they say is history.

– Liam


This guy Chris is dangerous around women. This is the guy who I would be afraid to introduce my chick-friends to because I know he would probably end up with them. The scariest part?

This guy could be YOU after following his system. He literally has a whole section devoted to my single-worst problem which is particularly GENIUS since it was so applicable to me. I cannot recommend this highly enough…incredible.

– Glen


Let me just say, I bought your system a week ago and hooked up the first night I used it. I’m a pretty social guy anyway but with the techniques explained in the training, it all just felt so natural to me.

– Remmy